TR CU 021/2011 On food safety

Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 021 extends its effect to food products. In accordance with its requirements, food products are subject to mandatory declaration.

Registered declarations TR CU 021/2011 are valid throughout the EAEU, as well as other permits issued under this technical regulation (veterinary certificates and certificates of state registration). All permits confirm a sufficient level of quality and safety of products, their compliance with the norms of the regulations.

Administrative Code

If the entrepreneur has not issued a declaration or certificate, he will face administrative penalties - in the absence of a declaration, as well as in case of violation of the procedure for applying labeling, the company will face a fine of up to 1,000,000 rubles, and its activities will also be suspended, goods will be seized.

If the company exceeds the volume of import limits into the country, the fine will be up to 300,000 rubles. If the company sells low-quality food products, it is fined from 20,000 to 30,000 rubles, and the goods are confiscated.

Labeling requirements

Every food item should be labeled. In particular, the following information must be applied to the products:

  • The exact name of the product, its type;
  • Composition, content of BJU, number of calories;
  • The manufacturing company, its address, representatives of the company on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union;
  • Recipe (optional);
  • Date of manufacture;
  • Shelf life;
  • Net and gross weight;
  • Information about the available restrictions for use (for example, this is provided for alcoholic beverages).

It is mandatory for each product to be marked with a single sign of circulation on the market - "EAC". It should be square, all letters should be the same size. For printing, only high-quality ink is used, which will be clearly visible during the entire shelf life of the products.

Alpha test

As part of the requirements of TR CU 021, products are tested in a laboratory before being admitted to the market. The tests include an assessment of the content of the following substances:

  • Clostridia;
  • Mold and fungi;
  • Enterococci;
  • Various bacteria of the Escherichia coli group;
  • Aerobic mesophiles and other pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Staphylococci;
  • Salmonella.

As a result of the research, the entrepreneur receives a test report - this document is one of the main ones when the employees of the accredited certification body decide to issue or not issue a permit.

Declaration schemes

Below are the main schemes for assessing quality according to TR 021.

Scheme Validation Format Alpha Test
1D For series-produced products Carried out by the manufacturer/customer of the document
2D Per party
3D For serial production Carried out in an accredited laboratory

State registration

If we are talking about specialized food products - children's, sports, dietary nutrition - then it is necessary to issue a certificate of state registration for them. Such a document confirms a sufficient level of sanitary and hygienic safety.

The SRS (this is the abbreviated name of the document) has been operating for exactly five years. The period for obtaining it is about two to three months, therefore, in order to undergo a sanitary examination, it is necessary to contact the certification center in advance.

HACCP System

In addition to the registration of the declaration of conformity TR CU 021 2011, there are other mandatory procedures - in the production of food products, the entrepreneur must implement the HACCP food safety management system. This system will reduce production risks and increase productivity, strengthen quality control of production, at each of its technological stages.

The presence of the implemented system simplifies the interaction between different departments and branches of the company. The introduction of QMS according to the principles of HACCP is mandatory on the territory of the Russian Federation - such a requirement is established by TR CU 021.

At the same time, it is not necessary to issue a HACCP certificate, but its presence will greatly simplify the passage of state departmental inspections.

Stages of conformity assessment

Declaration of food products is carried out in the following order:

  • Submitting an application to the certified center "Rostest Ural", providing free consultation from our specialists;
  • Preparation of a package of documents, development and registration of missing technical documentation;
  • Sampling of controlled products, laboratory testing;
  • If this is provided for by the selected scheme, then production control is also carried out, the implemented management system is evaluated;
  • Based on the results of all examinations, the entrepreneur receives a declaration for products, then carries out labeling.

Package of documents

The company must provide the following documents:

  • Exact name of products;
  • Its description, technical documentation (recipes, TTK, technical specifications);
  • Your company name, address and telephone number, articles of association and registration data;
  • Confirmation of the legality of the use of commercial premises;
  • Supply contract, information about suppliers and manufacturers;
  • A statement drawn up on behalf of the head of the company or his official representative.