What is TR CU 020 and where does it operate? The Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Means (TR CU 020) is a document containing requirements for equipment manufactured and sold in the countries of the Customs Union that emits electromagnetic interference during operation. According to this regulation, such equipment must necessarily meet its requirements, otherwise its sale is not allowed.

What area does it regulate TR CU 020

The scope of the regulation is directly related to the safe use of electrical equipment, which in the process of operation creates electromagnetic voltage and emits appropriate interference. This equipment, in particular, should not exceed the maximum permissible indicators of electromagnetic waves. It is in order to determine the degree of radiation that the work on checking compliance with the regulations, called certification, is carried out.

What does the technical regulations apply to?

TR CU On electromagnetic compatibility of technical means applies to almost all electrical equipment for domestic purposes and individual devices of industrial importance. During operation under the influence of electric current, almost any device creates electromagnetic waves. Identification of their indicators helps to determine the degree of harmful effects on the human body.

Scope of application of technical regulations TR CU 020

The provisions of the REGULATION TR CU 020 apply to the following types of equipment produced in the territory of the Customs Union states:

  • equipment and appliances for cooking;
  • equipment and machinery for washing, linen, ironing;
  • devices for climate control;
  • means and devices for maintaining hygiene;
  • personal computers and other computers and electronics;
  • lighting equipment;
  • televisions and radio equipment;
  • electric musical instruments;
  • switches and devices designed to branch electricity;
  • cords, cables, adapters and other similar equipment.

This list does not include the manufacture of goods of the following categories:

  • equipment and devices used for defense;
  • devices used in conditions that create a risk of explosion;
  • low-voltage electrical equipment used in the operation of nuclear power plants;
  • devices for use in transport of any kind.

When checking the equipment for compliance with the regulations, the manufacturer is issued an appropriate certificate. If the enterprise is engaged in the manufacture of equipment that is not included in the list, but is sold on the territory of the Customs Union or the EAEU, the manufacturer must provide a declaration of conformity of such equipment with the provisions of TR CU 020. The validity of the certificate is limited to 5 years, but in the case of the release of a single product, the certificate is valid indefinitely.