What is TR CU 004 and where does it operate? TR CU On the safety of low-voltage equipment is a document that contains the requirements for low-voltage equipment. This regulation applies to the territory of the states that are part of the Customs Union.

What area does it regulate tr CU 004?

All manufacturers located within the borders of the Customs Union countries and engaged in the production of certain types of equipment, before launching products, must undergo mandatory certification for compliance of manufactured goods with the requirements of TR CU 004. The exception is the release of goods included in the list of low-voltage equipment, but sold in territories that are not part of the Customs Union. In this case, instead of certification, the manufacturer must provide a declaration of conformity. In Russia, specialized organizations are engaged in certification. who received the appropriate license from Rosaccreditation.

What does technical regulation 004/2011 apply to?

The technical regulation on the safety of low-voltage equipment regulates the production of products, which include electrical circuits operating at low voltage. At the same time, certain categories (medical equipment, products for nuclear power plants, etc.) are not subject to the requirements of the regulations.

Scope of application of technical regulations TR CU 004

In general, the regulation TR CU 004 must comply with any products manufactured in Russia and other states that are part of the Customs Union, from the following list:

  • equipment and appliances for cooking;
  • devices for washing, underwear, ironing;
  • devices for regulating the microclimate in residential and industrial premises;
  • means and devices for maintaining hygiene;
  • gaming machines and equipment of household importance;
  • personal computers and other computer equipment;
  • lighting equipment; televisions and radio equipment;
  • electric musical instruments;
  • switches and devices designed to branch electricity;
  • cords, cables, adapters and other accessories.

This list does not include the production of goods of the following importance:

  • equipment used for defense;
  • equipment used in particularly dangerous conditions, in the event of an explosion;
  • low-voltage electrical appliances used in the operation of nuclear power plants;
  • equipment for use in transport.

Upon receipt of the certificate of conformity, manufacturers engaged in serial production of products can use it for 5 years. If we are talking about the production of single goods, the certificate of conformity is issued only once and is valid indefinitely.