Certification For Russia, Belarus And Kazakhstan

If you wish to export to Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan most likely the products are subject to mandatory certification via either EAC certificate or EAC Declaration


EAC or EurAsian Conformity is the term used to indicate compliance in the EurAsian Economic Union (EEU) that consists of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. TRCU (CUTR) Aims for single duty customs tariff and single economic space throughout its member states eliminating each national (regional) GOST certificates for exporters, and exempted custom taxes within the union. EAC mark on Product demonstrates its compliance to the Customs Union. Products not yet been included in unified TRCU lists may still need GOST certificates.

Some of Common regulations are:

  • safety of devices working under pressure (CU TR 032/2013)
  • safety of Equipment for work in Explosive Environment (CU TR 012/2011)
  • safety of machines (CU TR 010/2011)
  • EMC (CU TR 020/2011)
  • low voltage (CU TR 004/2011)
  • light industry (CU TR 017/2011)
  • safety of food products (CU TR 021/2011)