We at TCMS in alliance with our partner Technicka Inspekcia, a.s Slovakia having full scope to certify the products FALLING UNDER PRESSURE EQUIPMENT DIRECTIVE:

Gig-Karasek-Produkte-Apparatebau-HochdruckapparatThe European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC came into force on 29 November 1999. All items of pressure equipment placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA) after May 2002, must comply with the Directive and have evidence of compliance by carrying the CE Marking as applicable.

Why apply the PED?
Legislation across the EEA requires that all applicable items of pressure equipment must be fully compliant with the PED. As a result, manufacturers must revise their working practice and develop the appropriate Technical Files for their full product range. The PED encompasses design verification, material selection, manufacturing/fabrication practices and qualification, product testing, product marking and user instruction compilation.

Scope of the directive :

Pressure Equipment is defined as

  • Vessels
  • Pressure accessories
  • Safety Accessories
  • Assemblies

With a pressure housing with a maximum pressure greater than 0.5bar is defined as Pressure Equipment

We at TCMS in alliance with TI have the capability to cover all aspects for PEDs conformity assessment modules which includes

  • Product Inspection & certification
  • Material Approval
  • Type Examination
  • Quality System Approval
  • Welder Approval